Airtel new vpn for all india working

Hello Friends,
After all the vpn got banned in
many states, I’ve found this
SATHIK_VPN which is working in
tcp server. So stop your worries,
And Enjoy Unlimited Internet
again with SATHIK_VPN Features
1) Torrent supported
2) No disconnection problem
3) Supports TCP port
4) No Registration Required
Here is the Link

Its working Great in Chhattisgarh and Tamilnadu
and other states… Check it out for
your states and comment here..
Any queries regarding this VPN
post here. I’m here to help you..


  1. It disconnects every 2 min...any suggestions bro????I am from karnataka

  2. pls give me free airtel vpn for haryana because no vpn is working at


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