Get 400 MB Data and 3 Month's TV Subscription Free For VODAFONE user.

Hello guys i am back again with a another news which one is for Vodafone user. As all telecom are finding ways to promote themselves, they are offering different offers for promotion. Vodafone is offering 400 MB data and 3 months TV subscription free on downloading Vodafone Play TV. So enjoy and avail this free offer if you are Vodafone customer.

How to avail this offer?:

  • Download Vodafone Play TV Movies Sports app from here .
  • You need to use Vodafone internet connecton while registering on the app.
  • You will get 400 MB data in 72 hours and 3 months subscription of Vodafone TV absolutely free if you are a 4g customer and 30 days if you are a Vodafone 3G customer..

Terms and conditions :-

• You need to be a Vodafone Prepaid/Postpaid customer to avail the offer
• You will get 400 MB data in 72 hours and 3 months subscription of Vodafone TV absolutely   free if you are a 4G customer and 30 days if you are a Vodafone 3G customer.
• Data is valid for 7 days
• You need to use Vodafone internet connection while registering on the app
• After Installation you can stream video thorough Wi-Fi
• To deactivate SMS STOP to or call 155223 (toll free) .

Post completed:

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